Tupac, Taylor Swift, Eminem: Conspiracies.


Rapper Eminem’s “death” and “clone” were two weird celebrity conspiracy theories that went viral over the weekend. There have been several other stories of the same sort.

A clone of Marshall Mathers, as some Eminem fans believe, has taken the rapper’s position as one of the most talked-about rappers in the world right now.

Some believe Eminem died in 2006 because his voice now sounds ‘different,’ and his lyrics have changed tone. According to reports, his jawline has radically changed over the years.

According to an article published on the Spanish website La Gua Del Varón, the rapper ‘My Name Is is an “android clone,” further fueling the flames of conspiracy theories.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has been a topic of conspiracy theories regarding death and cloning…

Avril Lavigne

Rumors about Avril Lavigne’s death have been circulating for years, with many believing that the Canadian pop sensation died in 2003.

After Complicated became a huge hit, the singer’s career took off.

However, Fans on Twitter fell into a rabbit hole, arguing that she struggled with being in the spotlight because she was 18 when she became famous.

They said that Lavigne paid actress Melissa Vandella to appear as her and pose for paparazzi images to cope with the problem.

The idea that Melissa had been taught to sing like Avril by her and that she would also walk the red carpet for her was widely believed.

It’s been theorized that following her grandfather’s death in 2003, everything became too much for the singer, and she committed herself.

Melissa has replaced her, according to conspiracy theorists.

After a long battle with Lyme illness in 2015 and a divorce from Nickelback vocalist Chad Kroeger, Avril has frequently kept out of the public eye.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s cloning of the daughter of the guy who established the Church of Satan in 1966 is another bizarre tale that circulates.

The alleged plot appears to be predicated on the fact that several photographs of the two ladies have a striking resemblance.

Both are blondes who love bright, dramatic lip color, but that’s about where the similarities end.

As a result, many people believe that Zeena has replaced Taylor because she is part of the Illuminati’s hidden cult, even if this “proof” is relatively limited.

Tupac Shakur

When Tupac Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, he was 25 years old.

Even though he died in a hospital six days after being admitted, many of his supporters believe his death was staged.

Others say Tupac is in prison, while others claim to have seen him in Malaysia.

The most bizarre hypothesis, however, holds that Tupac’s 2002 posthumous release tune Better Dayz contained a signal that he was still alive.

The lyrics state, “Expect me like you expect Jesus to come back.”

The name Makaveli, a reference to the Italian philosopher Niccol Machiavelli, began to be used by him before his death.

According to Machiavelli, enemies could be deceived by having everyone believe that you are dead.

Some thought Makaveli was an anagram for “Mak Alive” based on this.

Keanu Reeves

When it comes to Keanu Reeves, the most common conspiracy theory is that he’s dead and his body has been replaced by someone else.

In the minds of many admirers, the 57-year-old actor has been immortal and has been walking the earth for a very long time.

Yes, in fact.

According to the notion, Keanu Reeves has been around for hundreds of years in many disguises.

Reeves was probed about the conspiracy during an appearance on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon, in 2017.

“We’re all stardust, darling,” he said.

He spoke on Paul Monet’s similarity: “I can tell we have a likeness in our eyes and noses…and our mustache…and our beard…and our cheekbones. And our forehead.”