The Most Expensive Cars Owned By Celebrities


If you often find yourself wondering about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, this guide to their insanely luxurious cars will leave you astonished. From Hollywood’s A-list actors to the world’s highest-paid athletes, celebrities seem to love nothing more than showing off their ultra-high-value vehicles. If you’re looking for a push to dream bigger, work harder, and win yourself some success, this is it!

The car-buying habits of wealthy people are incredible thanks to their talent, power, and of course, their fat bank accounts. Each of these superstars has a stunning collection of unique cars. And though their rides were dope to begin with, many went on to spend thousands of dollars having them customized. If you’re keen to see how the ultra-rich pimp their rides, read on as we’ve rounded up the most glamorous cars of the world’s most loved celebrities. The pictures are bound to leave you speechless (and wishing you could own your favorite).


With an estimated net worth of $140 million, Julia Roberts’ career saw her evolve from America’s pretty woman to everyone’s favorite leading lady. A certified superstar for decades, the Oscar winner has an impressive portfolio and critically-acclaimed performances mean she’ll always have a strong box office draw.

Despite her fame and fortune, the lovely actress prefers to live a simple life, driving around town in her Toyota Prius. This is proof that she doesn’t feel the need to brag about her wealth. We’re sure there are a few new Hollywood stars who could use some guidance from Roberts.