The Most Epic Photos in History


Prior to the late 1800s, image recording instruments that could capture significant moments in history did not exist. We had to rely on paintings and illustrations to commemorate important people and events. However, while these artworks are truly magnificent, they could sometimes be inaccurate. Fortunately for the 20th century, the very first camera, called the Kodak, was invented. Thanks to these optical devices, memorable moments in history will forever be in print and never forgotten. Today, we have the wonderful opportunity of going down memory lane and revisiting some of the most epic black and white moments caught on camera.

Harry Handcuff Houdini

One can’t talk about magic and not bring up Harry Houdini. Because of his brilliant escape techniques, his name has become synonymous with magic. Houdini originated from Hungary and traveled to the United States to try his luck as a magician. He started out with not a single penny to his name but ended up being arguably the most popular and highest-paid magician of the period.

Houdini’s acts primarily involved escaping from various objects such as handcuffs, straitjackets, ropes, and even a giant can of milk. On three different occasions, he impressed thousands of people by escaping from being buried alive.