Strict Rules American Idols Contestants Have To Follow At Any Cost


American Idol is one of the most popular reality shows worldwide. The television series has been going on since 2002. It is one of the shows that create hype all around the world.

Many contestants fight for their talent, and the best one wins. However, many think that all contestants sing what they want and get marks according to it. Well, that is the case, but there is something that not everyone knows.

There are some strict rules that every contestant has to follow. Any violation of the rules gets the contestant kicked out. The producers and the executives don’t care how good the contestants sing, and the rules must be taken very seriously.

This rule is that whoever comes at the top must sign a record contract with the show’s label of choice. In addition, also continue to work with 19 Entertainment production companies. However, this is a deal that the contestants are stuck in and sometimes find the clauses manipulative.

Many contestants found themselves in places where they were exploited. Playing at concerts and never receiving compensation is the worst part of the deal.

However, this was the major rule affecting the top contestants the most. There are some other rules as well that every contestant has to follow. Keep reading to know more.

  • Top 10 Contestants Cannot Be A Part of the Show Again: this means that the contestants who found themselves in the top position at the show’s end cannot audition again. So performers who reached the finale but couldn’t win had their last chance at the American Idol stage.
  • Signing A Confidentiality Agreement Is A Must: after the audition, the selected performers have to sign a confidentiality agreement right away. The agreement covers the entire competition, and a new agreement is signed after every stage of the competition.
  • Criminal Record Disclosed: to ensure security and no backlash to the show, and it is essential for every contestant to disclose their criminal record. Without disclosing their criminal record, the contestants are not allowed to perform further. In previous seasons many contestants were disqualified as they failed to disclose their criminal records.
  • No Romantic Relationships Allowed With The Judges: having a romantic relationship during the competition is a big no. It ends the integrity and the credibility of the marks the judge gives. Not only that, but if the public learns about the relationship, the show can receive a lot of backlashes.
  • Only Approved Songs Allowed: no contestant can sing the song of their choice. Instead, contestants must choose a song from a pre-approved list and prepare for that.
  • Only For The Winners: the winner of an American Idol winner was awarded a record contract, and the terms of the contract are a bit harsh. In addition, the winner must commit to a tour near or after winning the season. This helps them gather votes from the fans and also promote the show.

Final Words

These are some rules that performers must follow at all costs. Sometimes the rules can be a bit harsh, but failure to follow them can land them in trouble.