Rhode Skincare Trademark Case: Hailey Bieber Wins in Court


Following a trademark infringement action by a clothing business with the same name, a federal judge in New York decided on Friday that Hailey Bieber could continue to promote her beauty brand Rhode for the time being.

In June, the apparel company Rhode submitted a legal statement asking for a preliminary injunction against her.

The skincare line’s name is derived from Justin Bieber’s middle name, Rhode.

As Hailey’s family attorney, Michael Rhodes, told our online news correspondent, “We are happy with the court’s detailed judgment dismissing the plaintiff’s application to halt Hailey’s new company and skincare line preliminarily.”

RHODE, though, is continuing to battle in court. A firm representative provided our online news reporter with a statement that said, “Our litigation continues.” “Today’s court order is only a decision by the judge to delay the decision until we have the chance to gather additional information,” the company said. “Hailey Bieber’s skincare line may continue to use our brand name while litigation is ongoing.”

The representative said, “We continue to believe we will prevail at trial. Our name and brand are Rhode. Federal and state laws safeguard what we constructed, and we built it. We challenge Hailey to accomplish her objectives without using the reputation we have worked so hard to create over the last nine years.”

Purna Khatau and Phoebe Vickers, the creators of the fashion firm, charged that the model had ignored the fact that “two other women entrepreneurs had been utilizing the RHODE brand name for years” in their first complaint.

On the company’s Instagram page, they said on June 21 that they “appreciate and respect Hailey,” who “has worked hard and gained the courage to start her skin-care brand.”

We didn’t want to bring this action, but we had to do so to safeguard our business, they continued.

Before Bieber launched her skin-care company in 2018, the clothing line allegedly received a call from acting counsel for Bieber with an offer to purchase their trademark registration, according to the Rhode clothing line’s initial lawsuit.

“Their most valuable asset is the Rhode brand. However, Ms. Bieber, who could undoubtedly use her popularity to her advantage with a differently branded cosmetics line, seems unconcerned by the fact that two other female business owners have been using the Rhode brand name for years “based on the complaint.

Rhode’s lawsuit mentioned an interview Bieber gave to Forbes in which he suggested that the “world of media that likes to propagate women against women” would cause their business to fail.