Randall Emmett Seen With His Ex-Wife Ambyr Childers


It’s a unique event! Randall Emmett’s young daughter Ocean’s birthday celebration had a special visitor: his former wife, Ambyr Childers.

Last Tuesday, March 15, Emmett, 50, offered a taste of something like the celebrations with just an Instagram Post clip of Childers, 33, cradling the baby. “Ocean is receiving love from just about everyone,” he wrote on Instagram, which features the ex-couple’s kids, London and Rylee.

From 2009 through 2017, the Florida native & Childers were engaged. In November 2018, one year since their separation was completed, the filmmaker originally proposed to Lala Kent. Ocean was born in March 2021 to Emmett as well as Kent, both 31.

The Ray Donovan actress recently gained attention after chastising Kent for revealing images of her and Emmett’s kids on social media. In August 2019, the Arizona native stated on Instagram, “Because you would not want to reply to my texts and emails, I’ll try online.” “Lala, I admire your affection for my kids, but kindly don’t share pictures of them on social networking sites until you’re legally their stepmother!” I’m hoping you can see where I’m originating from. Thank you very much.”

After removing all signs of Emmett off her social networking sites 2 years afterward, the Bravo celebrity prompted breakup rumors. Us Weekly reported in November 2021 that they had called off their commitment.

Kent subsequently confronted the obvious flaws that she had overlooked during her connection with Emmett.

“Randall has never been, ever at residence,” says the narrator. He constantly pretended it was his job, and he was constantly on his smartphone. During most of the season 9 Vanderpump Rules gathering in January, the Utah native said, “It was constantly on his smartphone, and I didn’t really acknowledge it.” “I simply had a feeling Randall wasn’t who I thought he seemed. I assumed I understood he was devoted to me. That was all I desired. “I understand how males are, so I can entirely trust him,” I reasoned.

In the very following year, the writer of Give Them Lala lauded Childers despite acknowledging the two used to have a “quite difficult” relationship. In an interview on Watch What Happens Live Featuring Andy Cohen, Kent said, “I feel a lot of sympathy for her.” “I believe she’s a wonderful lady and a wonderful mother.” To be honest, I believe she is the nicest thing which has ever occurred to him.”

“I merely believe that the way that if he and I happened to come to be, able to look back on it, was just so pretty disgusting and cluttered and instead just something that has been built on nothing other than false stories,” Kent said at the moment about her relationship breakdown with Childers, trying to add, “I just believe the way that both he and I happened to come to be, thinking back upon that, was just so completely disgusting and cluttered and just something that has been built on nothing more than the fabrications.” Considering everything I believe regarding her, I believe she was indeed a wonderful person who made a mistake.”