Lassie come home again ; remake of a classic is a reminder of our bond with Pets


Lassie which was featured in the 1943 movie is back again on our screens this week after about eighty years of publishing the Eric  Knight’s novel. The remaking of the story features lassie and Florian a little boy whose father got sacked from his job and as things got difficult, the family moved into a new home where animals and pets are not permitted. Lassie and Florian were so close that none could stay without the other and hence Lassie developed a plan that would lead her to Florian. Florian on the other hand has also gotten attached to Lassie and started his journey to find her wherever she was.

       The recreation of the movie Lassie Come Home teaches us about how effortless and beneficial our bonds with dogs are. In this movie, Lassie and Florian overcame all obstacles and strengthened their bonds with each other and why is that? This is because the bonds between humans and dogs has always been their for as long as history can be remembered. According to the new statistics, about 40% of every household in Australia has one dog if not more. In Argentina, the rate increases at 66% while American and UK has the rate of 50% to 27% respectively. Nobody knows how long we’ve had this relationship with dogs but present results show that it goes back to about 12,000 years.

The movie was a big hit and got nominated for the Academy Award for Best cinematography. After the first concept, there were 6 more movies until Collie dog (1954-1974) which featured many dogs became the popular TV series. The movie centers around the obstacles Florian and his dog Lassie passed through before getting reunited. This new German breed used in the remake of the movie may not be exactly the same as the old one but it is interesting to watch for old and young people.

From the movie, you can ascertain the fact that both Florian and Lassie his dog, was ready to go to great lengths just to get back with each other. It has been shown that just a dog’s stare can level up oxytocin ( hormone for bonding). So, the love shared between humans and dogs are mutual, real and genuine.

        Even in children, most times when they need support and comfort they tend to go closer to their dogs when there’s no one to turn to. Not Only does talking with dogs increase oxytocin, it also helps to reduce blood pressure and increase dopamine. The initial concept of Lassie Come Home was made during the difficult times where the family was forced to put their pets up for sale. Statistics this year showed that there was an increase in the rate of dog ownership, everybody needed comfort and support especially during this difficult times  and just maybe dogs were able to provide that. Having and bonding with a dog prevents psychological problems, enhance physical activities and reduces the feeling of loneliness. The love between dogs and humans are mutual, the same way Florian was willing to go a long way for the dog, the dog was also reciprocating the same feeling of love.