Kanye and His Unusual Haircut


Kanye West has finally ditched his creepy mask to show off his brand new haircut! Week after week, Kanye wore different masks to conceal his identity. It’s even been said that he worse a caucasian mask while leaving JKF airport in New York. Now he has finally debuted his new look.

The haircut seems to be spurred by his ex-wife’s legal victory getting their $60 million mansion

Losing out on a $60 million mansion would make anyone get a weird haircut. But at least the short hairdo is an improvement on his creepy mask! Losing such a massive sum of money would be devastating, especially for a man who already lives a lavish lifestyle.

The creepy hairstyle is just one of the many oddities Kayne was seen doing in recent weeks. Some have questioned his mental stability. It seems that only he knows if he’s mentally stable or if he’s gone completely off the rails because of all the loot.

A bite to eat at the famed celeb hot spot Prime 112 in Miami Beach seemed to help

Kanye loves nothing more than to soak up the sun and hit the beach when he’s in Miami. It looks like a bite to eat at Prime 112 helped Kanye get his mind off all the legal problems he’s been facing.

The restaurant is a hotspot for stars and journalists alike. It’s one of the best spots in Miami Beach to catch some A-list sightings. Let’s hope that if Kanye stays in Miami, he can stay out of the media spotlight and enjoy the sun and sand without another hurricane forcing him indoors.

Kayne is trying to change his name

That’s right. His legal name is Kanye Omari West, and he wants to change it to Ye. The rapper has recently filed documents in Los Angeles, California, to change his name to Ye officially.

The yogh references his nickname, which is short for Yeezy, and the fact that he constantly wears Yeezy branded clothing and sneakers. Kanye is using the name change to reflect his new hairstyle, and like any celebrity getting a name change, he wants to let his fans know that he is no longer the person he was.


You never know what kind of wacky stuff Kanye will do next. Luckily for him, his ex-wife Kim is no longer around to document his antics on reality TV. So all of the talk about him being mentally unstable is just crazy rumors invented by tabloids looking to sell magazines.

It’s only a matter of time before he releases new music to the masses. Maybe he will debut his new look on stage at one of his shows? Only time will tell. There’s only one thing you can be sure of with Kayne or Ye, and that’s whatever he does, it’s going to be off-the-wall insanity.

The music, the lifestyle, the stunts, the weirdness, the money. It’s all part of the Kanye West package. No matter what he does, he is sure to be completely crazy. Maybe it’s not so bad to live his life like that. After all, people love Kanye for his unique style and tons of money.