Hilarious T-Shirts Fails You Have to See for Yourself


It’s probably not the first time that you’ve seen hilarious t-shirts before in your life. There are definitely a lot of them out there, some are witty, some are downright ridiculous. They’re most definitely amusing, though. When you look at those kinds of t-shirts, you’ll have one of two reactions, usually. Either the shirt brightens your day, or you’ll seriously contemplate what those people were thinking when they decided to wear, let alone buy, those shirts in the first place.

Here’s a collection of some of the most hilarious t-shirts we’ve ever seen on the internet. Take note, there’s no way you should make these your fashion inspiration, though we won’t judge you (maybe) if you do. Nonetheless, if all you want is a little slice of entertainment, then without further ado, welcome to our list!

Arts and Crafts

Why The Stereotype

You’ve probably already heard that stereotype about blondes before. Not saying that it applies to this very creative lady in the photo, but who knows. She does look very proud of what she’s wearing, so we can assume that she really loves doing arts and crafts. That’s certainly possible, isn’t it? All we can say is, maybe this picture is proof that perhaps sometimes, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

Hol’ Up

Theres A Twist

At first glance, this gal may seem like one of those girls who like fishing for compliments. After all why wear something that you think is unflattering for your body? Worse, why ask complete strangers about it? But if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s actually saying the exact opposite of what you think. We gotta hand it to her, this was pretty clever.

True to Life

Choose Another Shirt

Have you ever gotten that moment in your life when you think, “Damn, this could be a meme.” The same thing probably happened to this guy who’s wearing a strangely accurate t-shirt. How could he have gotten in this situation where his actual shirt serves as the perfect caption to his reality? With a situation like this, you’d certainly be crazy not to believe in coincidences.

Unfortunate Yum

Itll Take You A Second

Rolling stones shirts are very common, and of course, there’s certainly nothing wrong with wearing them. This guy definitely looks happy in his shirt. But if you look at this photo closely, you’ll see something quite hilarious – or embarrassing, depending on who the girl is. If it’s his wife or girlfriend, then this is a photo they’d definitely share a laugh over. If it’s just an acquaintance though… yikes?

Just Believe

Good For Them

Not sure if everyone else can also ‘belieb’ this, but these two boys certainly seem convinced. That’s not to say that the hit Canadian singer isn’t someone to be respected, although we’re sure some people could get pretty iffy about the first part. Can we get some opinions from ‘real men’ here? After all, real men aren’t scared of expressing their feelings too, right?

Let’s See You Try

Whos Going To Try

We don’t know if this shirt is hilarious or witty, to be honest. Maybe both? Maybe you’ll find it tempting to do exactly what’s said on the shirt, although we suggest you think twice first before doing so unless you want to suffer from possibly dire consequences. Of course, it all depends on the girl wearing the shirt, but it’s still safe to assume that nobody should invade anyone’s privacy by swiping on what isn’t theirs, anyway, phone screen or otherwise.

Confidence is Key

Nothing Wrong With Confidence

Ever seen a really cute and seemingly-perfect guy, only to find out later on that he’s got a girlfriend? Total ouch, right? We bet you know the feeling, we’ve already experienced it ourselves too. But with this guy, there’s absolutely 0 to worry about. In fact, he’s confident enough to tell all the ladies who are lucky enough to encounter him that there’s plenty to go around for everyone! Isn’t that just awesome?

A Perfect Bite

The Perfect Bite

In all honesty, this was less of a perfect t-shirt and more of a perfect photo. After all, there’s absolutely nothing hilarious about wearing a shirt of the timeless beauty, Marilyn Monroe. However, I guess this trio didn’t account for what they’re wearing and their relative heights prior to taking this picture. Not that we all normally consider all those when taking a photo, but this photo kind of makes us think that maybe from now on, perhaps we should.

Not Even Asking

Is It Worth Asking

We don’t even have a clue what this t-shirt is all about, to be honest. All we know is that the guy’s pretty apologetic, he was apparently hasty, and… his friend is not a duck? Woah there, buddy. Ducks can be our friends too, you know! But yes, perhaps it’s not right to call your friend who’s not actually a duck, a duck. A lesson well learned, we hope.

Says Who?

What Does She Mean

Was there ever a saying that claims everything about Florida is flat? Any geography majors here? We’re not actually sure what this girl is trying to say, but judging from the un-flat terrain of her t-shirt, we’re inclined to believe that it has something to do about that. If that’s the case, kudos to this girl, then.

Congratulations, Maybe?

Taking Credit Where Its Due

We have to say that anorexia is a really hard disorder to beat, so this guy deserves all the congratulations for that part. However, it’s also pretty obvious in this picture that there might be another disorder that popped up after his victory against anorexia. Perhaps another eating disorder, maybe? We don’t want to be armchair specialists though, so we’ll let the real pros do the talking here.

Technically True

Well It Worked

I mean, anyone can just buy any shirt they want from the store and wear that outside, but there’s something to be said too about self-fulfilling prophecies, no? It this case, this guy’s wearing a shirt that says ‘chick magnet’, and considering the fact that there’s actually a pretty cute girl sitting next to him, we guess it’s technically true after all. See, if you really want something, the universe will conspire for you to get it.

This Means Trouble

Bet He Loves This T Shirt

Well, this girl looks happy enough donning that shirt of hers. We’re not one to judge relationships, but we can’t say we’d be too happy if we were this girl’s boyfriend. Or hey, maybe we’d be so happy to see her wearing this shirt that we’d make sure we’ll never let her out of her sight. You know, like, just stay close to her the whole night? That’s possible too, isn’t it?

Are You Serious?

Do What Now

We’re not sure if this was a legitimate design or just an unfortunate error, but it’s definitely unfortunate alright. Imagine being told by the t-shirt in front of you to ‘crap’ your hands. Uh-oh. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assumes he either doesn’t notice the typo or doesn’t entirely know what it means, but if he’s fully aware of it, then we can’t think of any reason why he’d actually want to wear this outside.

Almost There

So Close1

Ever heard of the saying, “so close yet still so far”? Well, it kind of makes this shirt hilarious to us for that reason. Like the shirt says, perhaps this girl was almost famous too, at one point in her life. Maybe the point where she actually decided to buy this shirt? Witty, really. Almost there, but not quite, huh.

Hope It Never Finishes Loading

Lets Hope The She Loses WiFi

Have you experienced slow Wi-Fi before? It’s totally the worst, right? We hate it when we have to wait for loading times, but in this case, believe us when we say we’d rather wait forever than see – or smell – the outcome! Better keep that fart bomb in lady, or at least wait until you’re out of the store! But on that note, we really don’t understand why anyone would ever want to wear a shirt like this. Not the classiest choice, eh?

And Her Shirt Says What?

What Does Hers Say

His shirt may be hilarious, but it’s also quite sad, don’t you think? You don’t need someone who has to drink first in order to start wanting you! Although to be absolutely honest, in this politically correct time, we don’t think his shirt would ever fly. But hey, we’re still curious his companion’s shirt says. If it’s affirmative, then no problem! Maybe?

Don’t Laugh


This is the kind of shirt that can elicit three reactions simultaneously from most people. Laugh, frown, then laugh again when you realize what he’s saying. There’s not much to say about this one, other than that we definitely think his shirt is funny in a witty kind of way. We also love the hot pink though, that’s for sure.

Yes, That Makes Us Happy Too

Yes Yes Food Makes Us Dumb

Food is love, so they say! And yes, while sometimes (or actually, a lot of times) food can turn on you for being best friends with it, we have to admit that it’s always nice to be in the presence of food. Especially if it’s your favorite dish, right? Can you imagine it now? Waiting for your favorite dish, inhaling its scent, and actually tasting its flavor on your tastebuds. Yum. No wonder some people see their favorite foods as their good friend!

Just Being Honest

Tells It Like It Is

One look at this photo and you know that this guy, and his t-shirt, is being completely truthful. Based on the cast on his hand, we can assume that he did something he shouldn’t have done in the first place. But hey, at least he had us warned, right? There’s nothing wrong with doing dumb things every now and then, especially if you’re as young as this guy appears as. We totally appreciate the honesty, kid.

Different Views For Different Folks

This black-haired girl is totally us whenever we’re in denial about our need for money for everyday life. Wanna buy something but you’re currently strapped for cash? “Meh, I don’t need money!” But who we really aspire to be is blondie though! To think that it’s money who needs her, not the other way around. Who wouldn’t admire that confidence? Man, her confidence levels must be going through the roof now.

Barbels and Bar-Belles

Tonics may not be for us, but obviously, that’s not the case for this girl right here. Hey, we’re not judging. Who doesn’t need a refreshing drink after a good workout, right? Actually, we think this t-shirt is less hilarious and more clever, especially for people who like hanging out at both the gym and the bar! We can definitely imagine ourselves wearing the same thing, too.

High Standards

Hes Got Standards

Nobody said you can’t have standards when you’re trying to date people, and this guy right here would like to make his standards loud and clear. Not only does it make dating easier for both him and his potential lover, but it also shows his wants and expectations right from the get-go. So now you know ladies, if you’re not a model, you sadly won’t get a chance with this fine man right here.

At Least They Have A For Effort

A For Effort

Oh, look, it’s a map of the entire Asian continent! Uh-oh, wait a minute. Upon closer inspection, this doesn’t look like Asia at all! Actually, it’s Africa, you know, the world’s second-largest continent in the world. We can’t believe that the manufacturer who creates shirts with continents as the design got the world map wrong. After all, this suggests they don’t know at least two continents, because if they knew one, they wouldn’t have made this mixup.

Disneyland Oopsie

Shaming At Disneyland

Sometimes, it’s not about the shirt, but about the situation that it’s in. In this case, that’s especially true. Everyone knows that Disneyland is where Mickey Mouse is king, so why would anyone wear a shirt with even the vaguest implication of a dead mouse? Poor Minnie, she must have been devastated to see this guy’s shirt. Not cool my guy, not cool.

A Life Lesson

Good Education

As parents, we all want the best for our kids. We want to give them the best toys, the best foods, the best shelter, and of course, the best education. That’s why it’s hard to imagine parents as people who simply don’t care about how their kids would turn out later in life. In this case though, who could’ve given this little girl this hilarious t-shirt? We certainly hope she doesn’t think of this as a life lesson worth learning!

Not My Fault

Its All Their Fault

We’re all fighting for gender equality, along with other kinds of equality. After all, you all know how bad it was in the past when girls weren’t given the same rights as men. For this one guy, though, I guess those rights extend to dating rights. For some reason, we’re guessing he believes it’s the girl who should be inviting him to dinner and not the other way around. That’s why shame on you girls for not asking out this nice man!

Nice Confession Bud

Dare Gone Wrong

We don’t know what made this guy want to wear this outfit but we gotta say, he’s got guts! Of course, we all know that not everyone pees in pools –and nobody should– but hey, come to think of it, there’s probably a good number that does. We would like to believe however that this guy is simply wearing this shirt after losing a bet, which is a more understandable situation.

Smart Girl

Shes Smart

You know, there’s a big part of us that thinks maybe this shouldn’t be part of this list, because, well, it’s true. That old adage ‘Good things come to those who wait’ is so old-school. These days, if you really want to get something done, you have to go do it yourself! That’s how it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? So you go girl, that’s really smart of you!

Think And It Shall Be Yours

Think Good And It Will Be Good

Again, another example of a regular shirt that turned hilarious due to the circumstances of the wearer. My good sir, if you’re really thinking of safety, we don’t think you really should be sitting at the back of a pickup like this. Guess it’s true that not everything we think about gets done in real life, huh.

Keeping Up With The Young’uns

He Knows

Slang always evolves with time, that much is certain. The way your father and grandfather used to speak is vastly different from the way you and your friends speak now. But of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t attempt to speak your language, which is both cute and hilarious at the same time, in our opinion. Just take a look at this pops wearing this shirt!

That’s Perfect

Too Perfect

We can’t stop laughing at this one. How did these two even get themselves in such a crazy situation? Honestly, the situation is just so perfect for the t-shirt, it almost seemed like it was made just for that. We kind of want to wonder what these two guys were thinking when they decided to take their car through this area, but his shirt definitely sums it all up.

Just Being Honest

How Honest Is This

We’re not sure Chevron was thinking straight when they made this shirt. Sure, it’s technically true if you’re talking about your car, but the same sentence can also be used to describe an actual person, you know? Oh boy, here’s a thought: how many looks did he get while donning this shirt? We definitely hope Chevron got better designers after this whole incident!

Let Them Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

We love how gutsy his shirt is! Age is just a number after all, and everyone knows you can get haters at literally any age. Obviously, grandpa here is just too old to still care about anyone who possibly hates him, so he’s just embracing the fact that there will always be haters out there. We can only dream to be like this when we get older. We stan his confidence, that’s for sure!

What Do You Mean Nirvana?

Nirvana Who

Those who aren’t fans of Nirvana probably wouldn’t understand why this shirt is so hilarious, but even those who are fans may not think this is so nice either. For one, who are these guys even? Are they siblings? Because they certainly look alike. Are they also part of a band? Most importantly, why in the world are they in a t-shirt called Nirvana when they’re not even Nirvana?

His Arrest Story

And Then He Was Arrested

It’s pretty obvious what this guy’s t-shirt depicts, but we just can’t believe how accurate it is considering his situation. I mean, yeah, it’s technically true that doing illegal stuff can be all fun and games – until the cops show up, that is. Now we’re curious to know what his arresting officer thought upon seeing the t-shirt too. Did he think it was hilarious?

Have You told Rita Yet?

Have You Seen Rita

We can only imagine how these two came up with the idea for this shirt. Was he prone to getting lost? Was he always wandering about? How many times did he go missing? Rita must have found it too much and finally decided to make this shirt. But hey, at least Rita can sleep at night knowing what’s hers will always return to her. Come to think of it, some of us would like to be a Rita in this scenario, huh.

He Does Have A Point

Eat Cake Friends

While this shirt may seem quite intense at first glance, you have to admit that he does have a point, you know. Kidnappers typically choose people who are small, thin, and light, since they’re much easier to kidnap. If that’s the case, does that mean eating lots and lots of carbs can save us from kidnappers? Perhaps. But such habits can’t save you from other things, like obesity, for instance. Best be careful still.

Good Riddance

Hi And Bye

Haters don’t belong in this man’s world, definitely. And we have to say, we absolutely admire his confidence. When you’re confident of yourself, and when you know that there’s nothing or no one who can stop you from achieving your dreams, then no hater will be able to bring you down. Even the most persistent hater is nothing to a person who always keeps his eyes on the prize the whole time. You know, like this guy right here.

Drunk Talks

Borrowing His Shirt

This shirt is hilarious to us for two reasons: one, the fact that it knowingly switched two words, kind of like an actual drunk person. Two, the fact that this woman is wearing the shirt in broad daylight. We’re not even sure if it’s hers in the first place, but either way, it’s hilarious that she’s donning this shirt outside just like that.

We Don’t Even Know


You know, we don’t even know why this shirt was manufactured in the first place, or why anyone would even want to wear it. Although we do have to commend it for being so punny. Punny – get it? The shirt says the wearer loves a good dump, which makes us think, “Oh, crap”. But upon further inspection, it turns out that it’s actually a dump, i.e. a dumpster. Well, what do you know? Maybe it’s not so crappy after all.

Happy and Proud

With A Smile

This grandma looks like any other sweet grandmother out there who wouldn’t hurt a soul, but if you take another look at her shirt, you’ll see that something’s not quite right. Uh-oh, sweet and kind grandmother hates everyone? Oof. That’s news alright. But hey, she’s obviously happy and proud about it, so we’re not even going to make a further comment about that.

Is It Lunch Time Yet?

Is It Lunch

One look at this picture and you wouldn’t think there’s anything wrong, although maybe you’ll get a chuckle out of the man’s shirt. Hey, you may even agree with him! After all, bacon is one of the best breakfast foods out there, so why not, right? But first, look closely. All of a sudden, the hilarious t-shirt takes a terrifying turn. Seriously dude, why wear a shirt like that while visiting a pig petting zoo? The way he’s looking at the poor piglet isn’t making things any better.

Great Motivation For Everyone

This Is Motivation

I’d love to have a guy wearing this shirt running in front of me! He’s the perfect motivation for everyone, honestly. After all, if he’s 50, fat, diabetic, and he can still run faster than you? Woah there bud, don’t you think you should speed up even just a little bit? This guy’s totally doing a far greater job than you! Go run, run, run!

We’re Sure You Did

The Last Day He Wore That Shirt

Some shirts are simply not supposed to be worn in certain situations. In this case, we’re pretty sure this guy wore this shirt on purpose, which is just totally cringy. Yup, not even going to sugarcoat it. This shirt is only hilarious because of the absolute cringe it brings us. What the heck were you thinking when you put on this shirt, man?

Based On Statistics

Mathematically Proven

Honestly, there’s so much to be admired about this woman! She may be going into her old age, but she’s still oozing with so much self-confidence. Also, she’s apparently not mathematically challenged, due to her using math to support her statement. She does seem pretty angry about something, but we’re guessing it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s 20% hotter than us!

Good For You

Love Makes The World Go Round

Southeast Asia is a hub for tourists from all over the world, that’s for sure. Especially Thailand, which receives millions of tourists every year. We gotta admire this guy though. It’s either he really believes that someone in Thailand loves him, or there really is someone there who’s waiting for him, which is why he’s so in love with the country. Either way, good for him! After all, we all know that old saying, ‘“love makes the world go ‘round!”

Great Way To Get Attention

Attention Seeker

If you’re the only daughter in a sea of sons, you’ll know exactly what it feels like to always be drowned out by the everyday ruckus and mischiefs of your brothers. Trust us, it’s not easy to remain calm and collected when your brothers are destroying everything at home, especially if nobody listens to you throughout all the mess. This girl can probably relate, thus the hilarious t-shirt.

Just Squeeze It In

Hysterical T Shirts Win

You know when you’re taking photos and the person taking the photo goes, “Come on, just squeeze it in!” Well, this guy’s probably had enough of all that squeezing, so he’s happy to have a shirt that will do that for him – or at least appear to! We gotta say, this t-shirt is definitely one of the funniest shirts we’ve seen in a while, and as you can see from this list, we’ve seen plenty.

The Math Checks Out

Police Went With The Majority

Nobody’s purely good or evil. Everyone has some goodness in them, as well as some badness. Then again, there are some people where one side definitely weighs higher than the other side. Take a look at this girl in what appears to be a mugshot before. Well, this girl claims to be only 2% good, so we’re guessing the cops found that true as well if they decided to arrest her.

Not The FBI We Need

Different FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a lot of tasks. Solving crimes, running after criminals, and… wait, what does this guy’s shirt says? We’re not even going to say it out loud, because, hey, we don’t want to get in trouble. We all know who the FBI are, and we can safely say that this guy is not the FBI we need, not in any way, shape, or form.

Interesting Logo

Jesus Or Pepsi

Logos typically stand for how a company sees itself or what the company believes it. Nike, for instance, has that big check for a logo because, you know, they probably want people to ‘just do it’ and cross things off their lists. Pepsi has the red and blue logo to show their patriotism to the United States. In this case, though, we guess this guy’s got this shirt on to show his admiration for Jesus, who is apparently “the right choice” for him. Well, we’re glad he found his enlightenment!

Don’t Worry, It’s Difficult For Us Too

It Really Is Difficult

This t-shirt is pretty hilarious for us because of how witty it is. But you know, English can really be a difficult language, even to native speakers. There are so many different grammar and spelling rules that it’s almost impossible to memorize all of them. This reminds me of the last stanza poem I read before: “Finally, which rhymes with enough – Though, through, plough, or dough, or cough? Hiccough has the sound of cup. My advice is to give up!”

Can’t Do Anything About It

Whats He Driving

When it comes to cool license plates, we’ve seen plenty to go around. When it comes to funny t-shirts with a licence plate design, though… well, this one certainly caught our eye. This guy may be too sexy to be 40, but sadly, there’s nothing he can do about it. But hey, at least he said he’s yours to discover, so be our guest, ladies!

Are You Sure?


There are some funny t-shirts that can be a bit cute when worn by the ‘right’ person, and quite funny when worn by the ‘wrong’ person. In this case, it’s obvious which category this shirt belongs to. We’re not sure who you’re fooling here lady, but we can see that you’re definitely not blonde. Not that it’s a problem, of course. If you still want a kiss, then sure, we don’t mind at all!

Better Not Let Dad See

Who Needs This

This shirt is already hilarious enough on its own, but it becomes a lot funnier when you find out who’s that lovely lady wearing it. It’s actually renowned TV chef Gordon Ramsay’s 18-year-old daughter, Matilda Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay is known for being the main chef and host on Hell’s Kitchen, a reality TV show where he often berates other chefs and sometimes, even customers, for a variety of reasons. He’s actually a popular and well-loved celebrity but as we all know, sometimes daughters just love picking on their dads.

What A Coincidence

Shop By Catalog

Imagine just walking in the city one morning, after having your favorite cup of coffee. You pass by the shopping buildings and suddenly, you see a huge advertisement of a guy… who’s wearing the exact same thing as you, from the polo to the pants, and even to the belt. Of course, it would be different if you actually chose to buy the exact items off the model, but if this was a pure coincidence, it would be really, really hilarious.

Protective Papa Bear

Dads A Game

We love how protective fathers can get sometimes! Growing up, a lot of us daughters have experienced being sheltered by our dads. Yes, it got annoying sometimes to be told that you still have a curfew to follow at 18 years old, but ultimately we know that they’re only doing it for our own good. Now that we’re a lot older, we can certainly already acknowledge their efforts. But oh well, in the case of this protective papa bear, it’s pretty obvious that his baby bear isn’t so thrilled though.

Patrick, Is That You?

We All Need One Like This

Anyone who grew up watching Spongebob Squarepants will remember that episode entitled “I’m With Stupid” where Spongebob, the ever-loving, hardworking, and smart titular character of the show, pretended to be dumb as rocks so that his best friend Patrick would appear intelligent to the latter’s parents. As with most of the duo’s plans, it didn’t turn out so well. But at the end of the day, we can all admit one thing: we’d certainly love a friend like Spongebob (and like Mr. Stripes here) who’s willing to go the extra mile just to make a friend look good.

Happy Kitty

His Sisters Shirt

Hello Kitty is a well-loved fictional character, so we certainly can’t blame people for liking her at all. It’s definitely not strange to find someone who loves Hello Kitty, be it a man or a woman. What could be a bit strange, however, is a man who’s wearing a Hello Kitty shirt that’s obviously a few sizes too small for him. Was this t-shirt even his or was it his sister’s or something? We’d love to know!

Amazing Home Theaters Rooms Owned By Celebrities

  • Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner, has listed her 10,000 square foot contemporary farmhouse-style property in Encino for over $10 million. A screening room with enormous black leather cinema chairs and light grey walls is included in the gorgeous residence. The fabric walls are sound-absorbing panels that help to improve sound quality.
  • The property that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend bought in 2016 includes an outstanding screening room. Velvet-cushioned walls and plush couches and armchairs adorn the space. The two can absolutely curl up with some popcorn and watch a nice movie together.
  • For the last 15 years and a half, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have not shared a home. When they were together, though, they erected a screening room at their Beverly Hills home. The screening room, which has luxurious velvet paneling on the walls and classic beams on the ceilings, is still there.
  • Khloe Kardashian’s home theater has a whole wall dedicated to a huge TV screen where she can snuggle up and watch her favorite programs and movies. The screening room’s rear wall is adorned with a sumptuous velvet couch. She also has two beds where she and a pal may relax and watch TV together.
  • Julie Neville has a one-of-a-kind screening space. Her screening room is a combination of a movie theater, a gaming area, and a snack bar. It is her favorite room in the home, she has said. There is enough room for the whole family since it has a wraparound couch.
  • Kelly Clarkson, the first American Idol winner, has put her 10,000 square foot contemporary farmhouse-style home in Encino on the market for over $10 million. A screening room with enormous black leather cinema chairs and light grey walls is included in this magnificent residence. The acoustic quality is improved by the fabric walls, which are panels.

Startling Facts About the Economy.

  • According to the International Energy Agency, the United States will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s greatest oil production by 2020.
  • According to CNBC wealth reporter Robert Frank, the number of millionaires in the United States has reached or surpassed its 2007 peak.
  • The term “recession” was spoken three times at the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting in June 2007, whereas the word “strong” was mentioned 61 times. Six months later, the economy went into recession.
  • Franklin Templeton polled 1,000 investors to see whether the S&P 500 index rose or fell in 2009 and 2010. Sixty-six percent believed it fell in 2009, while 49 percent believed it fell in 2010. In fact, the index increased by 26.5 percent in 2009 and 15.1% in 2010.
  • According to estimates provided by The Guardian, the percentage of a typical American household’s budget spent on petrol in 2012 was about 4%, matching for the highest level in nearly three decades.

Hotels With Celebrity Connections

  • The Chateau Marmont, which first opened its doors in 1929, is a Hollywood landmark. Since then, it’s become a celebrity favorite. Secret entrances and exits, poolside bungalows, and penthouse apartments are all available at the Los Angeles hotel. Due to their terrible conduct, celebrities Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan have been banned, while Led Zeppelin once ran their motorcycles through the lobby.
  • Before he married Queen Elizabeth in 1947, Prince Philip had his stag night at the Dorchester in London. Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Moss, and the Kardashians have all visited, and General Eisenhower stayed here during World War II. Afternoon tea is served at The Promenade, which has palm palms and pea-green antique armchairs.
  • The Parisian hotel Le Meurice has hosted a number of celebrities. Surrealist artist Salvador Dali was one of the hotel’s most renowned visitors; he reportedly ordered them to deliver a herd of sheep to his room, which they did, believe it or not! Customers may eat in the restaurant’s 3-star Michelin-starred restaurant, which overlooks the Jardin des Tuileries.
  • Plaques in the foyer of the American Colony in Jerusalem identify famous visitors from the past, including Lawrence of Arabia, John Betjeman, various US presidents, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, Robert De Niro, and Natalie Portman, to name a few. The hotel’s magnificent courtyard has an outdoor infinity pool and a restaurant serving Middle Eastern cuisine.

Surprising Financial Facts Most Investors Don’t Know

  • According to a study published in the International Journal of Business and Social Science, 70% of American students have credit cards.
  • Forbes included three women to its list of billionaires in 2012. With $25.3 billion, Christy Walton (reported as Christy Walton & family) was ranked 11th. (Like No. 17 lady Alice Walton, her fortune comes from Walmart.) With a net worth of $24 billion, Liliane Bettencourt of L’Oreal was ranked 15th.
  • Oprah Winfrey was ranked No. 562 in 2005, with a net worth of $1.4 billion. By 2012, she had moved to No. 442 on the Forbes list, a leap of more than 100 places, with a net worth of $2.7 billion.
  • Madam C.J. Walker was the first self-made female billionaire. Walker built and ran a cosmetics enterprise aimed at African-American women in the early 1900s. According to reports, she said: “I am a Southern lady who grew up in the cotton fields. I was then promoted to the washtub. I worked my way up from the washtub to the cook’s kitchen, and then into the business of making hair products and preparations. On my own land, I’ve constructed my own factory.”
  • After harsh new bankruptcy regulations were enacted in 2006, bankruptcy filings fell to an 18-year low, with just 617,660 files that year. In 2011, there were 1.4 million bankruptcy files, which was still much less than the 2.1 million that were filed in 2005 in anticipation of the aforementioned change in the legislation.

Celebrity Homes You Can Rent On Airbnb

  • Chad Smith, drummer for the White Hot Chili Peppers, owns Casa Cortez. The house is in a private gated neighborhood in Cabo San Lucas, overlooking a beach. The infinity pool and hot tub are part of the 5,100 square foot property, which is perched on a cliff.
  • Sonny and Cher formerly had a two-bedroom, two-bath cottage overlooking the Hollywood Reservoir. This remarkable tree-house inspired home was designed by Greta Grossman in 1954 and is located in a beautiful L.A. area.
  • Tyler Perry’s memorable home is 17,000 square feet, including a 4,000 square foot main room. The Chateau, as its name proposes, is where even eminence would feel calm. 20-foot roofs, marble flooring, a drifting mahogany flight of stairs, chimneys, crystal fixtures, and more can be found in the rooms. On location conveniences incorporate a tennis court, cascades, and a limitlessness pool.
  • The Rubber House in Accord, New York, is said to be the former residence of British actress Julie Andrews. The house was originally created for choreographer Eugene Loring and is now owned by “a British editor and an American dancer.” A writer’s tower and a dancing studio with mirrored walls and a ballet barre are among the amenities.
  • You may like staying with actor Officer François Clemmons if you’re a fan of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. “Come see my neighborhood, and if you want, we can sit and talk about 50 years as Officer Clemmons on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood!” says the advertisement.

Celebs That Prefer To Rent Cars

  • Kate Middleton wore White Gardenia Petals by Illuminum when she married Prince William and became a princess. When it was found that the smell was created by a favored royal, sales skyrocketed, and it was sold out almost immediately.
  • Soulja Boy had no qualms about saying he was renting a white Maserati GranCabrio, one of the vehicles he was usually spotted driving about in. When he was caught cruising in the Italian luxury automobile, he admitted that he was renting it.
  • Lindsay Lohan was involved in an accident while driving her alleged black Porsche. The good news for Lohan was that she was not responsible for the repair costs. Lohan had hired the automobile, thus she was not accountable for the payment.
  • Travis Scott, like Justin Bieber, leased a Lamborghini in Miami and had similar poor luck. Scott got in an accident and had to pay $90,729.45 in repairs, according to the Miami Herald, which is approximately a fourth of the car’s $400,000 retail price.
  • Sean Kingston, a rapper, is a huge lover of high-end automobiles. He owns a lot of them, but he also rents a lot of them. Kingston hired a Chevrolet Escalade during a trip in Los Angeles in the past, according to Precision Concierge New York, a vehicle rental firm.

Startling Facts About the Economy.

  • According to the IRS, unlawful tax evasion cost the nation $450 billion in 2006. (the most recent year calculated). That’s almost the same amount that the government spends on Medicare each year.
  • The average monthly mortgage payment on a median-priced property in October, assuming a 10% down payment, dropped to $720 at prevailing rates, down from roughly $1,270 at the end of 2005, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • Since 1998, the number of investment clubs has decreased by 90%, from 400,000 to 39,000, according to BetterInvesting.
  • According to public papers, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has only held shares in one business during the previous decade: Altria Group (which he sold in 2004).
  • According to Bloomberg, Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund founded by James Simons, has purportedly achieved average annual returns of 80% (before costs) since 1988. In 25 years, $1,000 would be worth $2.4 billion.

Startling Facts About the Economy

  • For the first time since 2000, the number of Americans aged 30 to 44 is poised to increase.
  • Since 1928, the Dow Jones has risen by more than 10% in a single day eight times, fallen by more than 10% in a single day four times, and fluctuated by more than 5% in a single day 136 times.
  • According to Tom Fowler of The Wall Street Journal, oil output in the United States increased more in 2012 than in any other year since the business started in 1859.
  • According to The New York Times, expenditure on patent disputes and abnormally large-dollar patent acquisitions by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google surpassed spending on research and development of new products for the first time last year.
  • Begin with a single dollar. Every day, double it. You’ll possess every financial asset in the earth (about $200 trillion) in 48 days.
  • In 1980, there were 15,099 people in the United States who were 100 years old or older. According to the Census Bureau, there were 36,486 in 1990 and 88,510 in 2012.