Celeb Dress Malfunctions And Other Red Carpet Fails


After waiting the entire year for one of the most gorgeous and dazzling times of the year – but no, we are not referring to Christmas — these celebrities finally turned up for award season. They might never have guessed the ultimate worst-case situation that would occur. They believed they were camera-ready, having spent significant time getting their hair and cosmetics done and having stylish outfits. On the other hand, they just weren’t. These failures on the red carpet are embarrassing, either because the person tripped over themselves, broke a show, or wore something dreadful.

America Ferrera is the Target of an Assault

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At the premiere of the second installment of ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ the Ukrainian journalist and notorious practical joker Vitalii Sediuk played one of his well-known practical jokes on the star America Ferrera. In addition, Sediuk attempted to go beneath Ferrara’s clothing to take some indecent photographs.

Ferrera, who was standing beside Cate Blanchett and Kit Harrington, was taken aback to the point of complete disbelief and understandably incensed. Thankfully, security personnel arrived quickly and pulled him from the red carpet until he could take any event images. How did this guy even get through the security checkpoints in the first place?!

Simply said, Kim and Kanye Do Not Give a Damn

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Amy Schumer, a talented actress and comedienne is recognized for the no-holds-barred style of humor that she does. And, of course, all of her practical jokes. Consequently, she decided to pull a prank on the celebrity pair Kanye West &  Kim Kardashian during the 2015 TIME Gala. When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West appeared, Amy Schumer feigned to trip and fall to seek attention from the media and watch how the pair would respond.

We can see how exasperated the comedienne should have felt once all eyes were already on the pair when they entered, particularly given that she said they “just stayed there just like ‘you are welcome’…” Amy, we comprehend; nonetheless, we are sorry to inform you that this attempt was unsuccessful.

Katy Perry Makes an Accident While Eating Cake

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Katy Perry is famous for putting on events that people will remember, and her performance at the 2008 MTV Latin America Music Awards was undoubtedly one of those concerts. It was a hilarious moment when Katy Perry ended one song by jumping into a vast, life-size cake after the performance was over. However, as the concert came to a close, she attempted to exit the stage, but as she did so, she fell on the remnants of the cake.

Katy managed to get cake all across herself, the stage, and her outfits. She even managed to get cake all over the stage. However, her band thought it was a great joke. Even though the floor appeared to be covered in filth, we cannot help but feel terrible for the people responsible for cleaning it up after the event.

Step Out Of Line

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You can probably guess that falling on the red carpet is one that the vast majority of celebrities would want to avoid doing. Nevertheless, tumbling down the stairs is a whole other matter!

When these photographs were shown publicly for the first time in 2011, during the Cannes Film Festival, the general public on the internet confused the guy in white with the pop artist Jason Derulo. But it was eventually found out that Derulo was really in Los Angeles at the point and that this person was just someone else. He is only known on the web as “Cannes Fall Guy,” but we trust everything is good with him!

Cara Indulged in a Scene

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Cara Delevigne, a former model now an actor, created quite a commotion when she attended the GQ Men of the Year Awards in 2014. Cara somehow managed to lose her footing and end up falling on top of the unfortunate man after she came dangerously close to pouring her beverage all over a renowned fashion designer standing nearby.

They both ended up on the ground when she attempted to grasp onto him to save herself from falling while they were both rolling about on the ground. At any rate, the two maintained a sense of humor about the situation in front of the cameras, even though both were wearing expensive fashion designer outfits which turned out dirty and messed up. After that, Cara immediately got back on her feet and dashed out to grab another drink.

Big Flop

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Therefore, having a one-star trip during a significant event or awards show is one thing; however, nearly featuring two celebrity travels at the same event is a highly unusual occurrence. For those who cannot tell, the person currently lying on the ground is Adrien Brody. He fell while attempting to save his mother, who had fallen just before.

When Brody stumbled backward, he came dangerously close to landing on Nicole Kidman. She was on the verge of falling over if not for the presence of a security officer. What a huge impact this would have!

Surprised and Taken Aback

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Mariah Carey decided to organize a promotion and a visit in New York to honor the premiere of her reality television program, Mariah’s World. It is not unusual for celebrities to get their reality television series after reaching certain fame.

However, the singing diva was utterly unaware that when she was heading up the carpet to the occasion, her Christian Louboutin shoes fell out underneath her, causing her to tumble halfway in! To her great relief, the security guard who was on duty at the time was able to prevent her from going over entirely. Phew!

Bend and Snap is a performance by Marion Cotillard

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Not only is the well-known French actress Marion Cotillard highly accomplished as an actress, but she possesses a strikingly alluring appearance. The actress, who is often recognized for her beauty and grace when walking the red carpet, was in for a surprise at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival when she attended.

The actress Marion Cotillard opted to execute an elegant acrobatic performance to grab one of her significant, hanging earrings after it came off when she walked down the red carpet at an event. She not only tried to smash down while wearing a skintight white jumpsuit, but she managed to grasp hold of another participant who was nearby to preserve her balance, demonstrating a delicate and deft move.

Jon Hamm underestimates a Jump

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After his outstanding performance in ‘Mad Men’ portraying the one & only Don Draper, Jon Hamm solidified his position as an A-lister in the entertainment industry. His portrayal was so impressive that it won him the Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series at the 2015 ceremony. Hamm appeared to forget that his suit was too tight for him to leap on stage without utilizing the steps, even though he was attempting to appear cool by bypassing the stairs.

It is startling to witness Don Draper falling onstage and attempting to get up.

Petra Nemcova Cannot Control Her Laughter

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Petra Nemcova, a supermodel from the Czech Republic, once got into a confrontation on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. The magnificent black dress the model was wearing was so lengthy that it led her to stumble over and fall to the ground. She came dangerously close to landing on her face when it happened!

Thankfully, the Czech lady shrugged it off with a smile, and the folks surrounding her sprang right in to lift her. We do not know whether it was her years of experience as a supermodel on the ramp or just her excellent demeanour, but this stunning woman indeed dealt with her mishap in the most positive way possible.

Jessica Alba Maintains Her Elegant Look Even While Falling

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Ever since the 2000s, the stunning Jessica Alba has demonstrated that she can do it all: looking beautiful, acting, starting her business, being a parent, and even making a stumble on the red carpet appear elegant. It is not quite graceful, but it is not awful, either! In 2006, during the Teen Choice Awards, she lost her footing and collapsed to the floor, but as you’ll see, she didn’t seem to stop smiling throughout the entire situation.

Even though she had very likely injured her knees and was feeling somewhat uncomfortable from the inside, she was still able to retain a smile on her face, laugh, and seem nice in front of dozens of cameras pointing at her. And because she was wearing a laid-back attire, nothing in the lovely actress’s wardrobe was damaged in any way so that she could live peacefully ever after.

A Trip to Remember for Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence had a very eventful year in 2013: she received an Academy Award for Best Performance for her outstanding role in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook,” she donned an extraordinary ball gown that would never be remembered, and she fell while attending the Academy Awards! Lawrence slipped and collapsed in front of everyone as he made his way up the steps to the stage to claim the Oscar. Most likely, it was due to the enthusiasm.

Actresses are known for their rapid reactions, so when she eventually went on stage and snatched her microphone—”It is OK, I know you are standing since you feel horrible that I fell!”—she joked with the crowd. Good rescue, Jen.

Even Helen Mirren Can Trip and Fall

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Many people believe that Dame Helen Mirren is one of the greatest actors to emerge from the United Kingdom. Because she is so close to being a member of the British royal family, it is quite impossible to picture her acting in any way other than gracious. Mirren demonstrated that everyone, including royals, is ultimately just a human being at a film festival in Berlin a few years ago. Mirren, who was 69 years old at the time, was wearing a sophisticated long green dress and shoes when she stumbled and fell over the red-carpeted steps.

Her long dress appeared trapped in her heels, which caused her to fall to the ground. However, this lady is so elegant that even falling looks good on her! Mirren joked that the shoes only cost her $39, and considering that she has worn them many times, with just one casualty, they were undoubtedly great value for money!

Vertically Struggled

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The Cannes Film Festival is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious awards shows that takes place each year in the entertainment industry and among prominent individuals. It is reasonable to assume that the organizers will enforce a stringent dress code at a lavish party like this one. As a result, the event participants will be given a stringent dress code that they must obey adequately.

Consequently, when the French actress Laure Calamy realized that she would get over the tight restrictions, she chose to flash the paparazzi and display her magnificent legs in even the boldest way possible, causing quite a sensation in the end.

Heidi Klum Would Never Believe Again

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Heidi Klum, a well-known model and television personality, just had what is most likely one of the most embarrassing on-camera blunders in the history of Hollywood. At the 2008 Emmy Awards, Klum was serving as a host, and it was reported that she and her co-host Tom Bergerson had rehearsed a skit together. According to reports, Klum was supposed to act as though she had passed out and fallen into Bergerson’s arms. Sadly, he could not reach her, and Klum plummeted to the ground without being caught.

As a result of the man’s arms failing to reach out in time, Heidi Klum made contact with the stage with the side of her torso. Not only was the whole episode captured on live video, but the model is likely to have some pretty nasty bruises following it. Yikes! What took place with Bergerson behind the scenes is a mystery to us…

Kristen Stewart Needs a Better Grip

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Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan in the “Twilight” film series, was honored with the Golden Popcorn award for Outstanding Female Performance at the 2009 MTV Music Awards. The “Twilight” film series was an enormous box office success. After she had finished collecting the prize, she tried to leave the platform, but the trophy slipped out of her hands and dropped it!

As a result of the statue breaking, Stewart was only awarded half of the reward. He was forced to endure an extreme amount of disgrace. It is possible that Stewart’s hands are not strong enough to handle the weight of the Golden Popcorn.

You Can Remove the Actress from Hollywood Completely…

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When a star reaches a certain fame level in the industry, they are often allowed to be immortalized in one of two ways: either with a star on the Boulevard or with a personalized logo concrete slab. Both of these options are considered to be part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Emma Thompson jumped with pleasure when she discovered that she had been chosen to compete for this kind of award in recognition of her fantastic playing career. When Thomspon was trying to impact the damp pavement, she accidentally slid out of her black pumps and fell to the ground. Thankfully, she was beaming with happiness not long after she got back on her feet again.

The Biggest Mess-Up Ever

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Ariana Grande, the pop star most known for her song “Side to Side,” wanted to go to the Teen Choice Awards in 2012, but she knew she had to wear an outfit that was special and would make her stand out.

She went with a satin and tulle outfit embellished with macaroons, and the color of the garment was a light pastel cream. The outfit had many layers, and the color was pastel. Grande had to fight her way further into the event practically; as she walked the red carpet, there was a lot of wind, and she had to struggle to keep her costume from flying in different directions as she walked.

Angelina Jolie’s Undermining Slit

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Do you remember 2012 when Angelina Jolie’s leg acquired its own Twitter account? Well, we do. And if you do as well and are curious about how it came to pass, I will explain it to you now. Even though the dress had a very high slit, Jolie looked stunning when she went to the Academy Awards in 2012. Angelina believed that the slit was insufficiently seductive to be enjoyed on its own, so she chose to position it to show it off, making it far too evident and unpleasant.

It did not appear to be natural, and it was rather uncomfortable. It was embarrassing enough for someone to create a Twitter feed under the handle “AngelinaJoliesL.” Unhappily, Angelina Jolie received a lot of attention during that year; however, it was for the many wrong things.

A Clumsy Cinderella

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Although it can seem like a simple option to make, selecting an outfit for a top fashion awards ceremony can be extremely challenging. Although there are a lot of factors to consider when making this choice, the choice may appear straightforward. Your choice of attire, in addition to needing to be creative, one of a kind, and trendy, also needs to be functional.

This is a training exercise. Hayden Panettiere had to go through a lot of trouble to figure things out. The stars studded Dennis Basso dress led her to fall down the steps as she attended the Met Ball in 2014. The event took place in 2014. We can count our blessings that she quickly managed to get back to her feet!

Jennifer Garner Runs Away

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Jennifer Garner, known for her sweetness, has a history of embarrassing herself on the red carpet. Although being clumsy and a Hollywood star are not necessarily compatible traits, this stunning woman finds a way to make it work against the odds. At the Oscars in 2013, Jennifer Garner came dangerously close to losing her balance and falling flat on her face, which led to one of her best bits.

The stunning wine-colored dress was extremely form-fitting, which, according to reports, made it rather challenging for the actress to move in. As a result, the actress momentarily lost her senses. Fortunately, Garner could swiftly throw out her arms to restore her balance and merely chuckled at herself when she saw what she had done. Good on you, Jen!

Thank You So Very Much For Spanx

Celebrities may feel immense pressure to present the absolute best of themselves in front of the public; nevertheless, at the end of the day, they are still only humans. Whenever Queen B, Beyonc Knowles, ramped up upon a curb while wearing a stunning figure-hugging greenish silk dress, it is evident that this was the case.

She had been keeping a secret from us the entire time, but as she stepped forward, the cut in her outfit exposed the fact that she was wearing Spanx underneath her dress. Beyonc managed to rock the atmosphere with her charisma, laughs, and elegance while maintaining her usual level of coolness.

Whatever the circumstances, Ashley Graham always looks radiant.

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Ashley Graham is a well-known name now because of her career as an extra-size model & TV celebrity. She is a staunch supporter of the notion that women can be beautiful regardless of their waist size. In 2017, Graham was attending the TIME 100 Gala when she accidentally tripped over her outfit while strolling over the red carpet.

She still managed to appear stunning even though her outfit was more reminiscent of lingerie than a gown fit for a Gala. In addition to that, it still included sufficient material for her journey. Graham was fortunate in that she just suffered a sprained ankle and did not land on her face during her fall. On the other hand, perhaps the agony of a sudden fall would have been less than that of a bent ankle.

Keep It going, Kim

Kim Kardashian is among the top stars in Hollywood superstars these days. Although she will acknowledge that her life is, in several aspects, a fantasy, she is also clear about the reality that how she also has instances that she could end up regretting to this day.

Because she has spent a significant amount of time in the spotlight, she is accustomed to dealing with various kinds of difficult situations. Once she went to the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (2011), her Marchesa gown went dangerously near sliding off. She handled the situation quite well, even though it almost happened. However, it was a close call!

The Blunder That Ended Up Costing a Fortune

Jennifer Anniston is among the most renowned stars in Hollywood, and you can bet that someone will take some photographs of her whenever she leaves her house. You can be confident that this will happen every time she leaves her house.

Consequently, she wore a stunning Celine coat as she went to the screening of her then-most recent comedy picture, which was titled Christmas Party at the time. She had specifically picked this coat for the event. The only obstacle? She had utterly neglected to remove the tag from the outfit! However, the cost was not evident to our great relief!

Helped Out In A Time Of Need

Margot Robbie has made a speedy ascent up the industry ladder. She is now considered among Hollywood’s most promising young actors at the time. She is accustomed to portraying a wide variety of roles, and regardless of if she will be portraying a fierce villain like in “Suicide Squad” or a cultured woman like in “Tarzan,” she always gives her best look in the played role

On the other hand, much like movie costumes, they occasionally require additional hands to make them ready. This is precisely what occurred to her when she depended on Alexander Skarsgard to help her repair her dress for her presence on Tarzan’s red carpet.

Mothers and Daughters are Alike

Sonja Morgan became well-known after making her debut in the Bravo series The Real Housewives of New York. Shortly after that, she began appearing in the Difficult People episodes produced exclusively for Hulu.

Following the star’s participation in the series, she was asked to the premiere. She accepted the invitation wearing a stunning black and white bandage dress by Hervé Leger. It was a good thing that her daughter Quincy Adams Morgan accompanied her on the red carpet since the fabric of her dress tore. She needed her assistance to zip up her outfit quickly and avoid embarrassment to some extent.

Right on Time

Naomi Watts decided to participate in the party on stage with the rest of the cast of Birdman after learning that the film had been shortlisted for a Screen Actors Guild Award as Exceptional Performance by a Crew in a Film.

High heels hooked Emma Stone’s revealing skirt as she made it onto the stage, and she fell over in less than two minutes! Watts is in luck since she has an excellent good balance and was able to save herself from falling before it happened!

The Rescue Came From The Satin

Even though most celebrities put a lot of effort into ensuring that wardrobe disasters do not occur too frequently, they will inevitably do so at some point in their careers. Despite this, mishaps are nevertheless rather prevalent occasionally.

Because when Lil Mix star Jade Thirlwall went to the Brit Awards in 2017 wearing her attractive satin white outfit, she needed to hide her breast and legs whilst on the carpet to assure that she did not accidentally show too much of her privacy! She made it through without suffering any harm!

It is preferable to be safe than sorry

In India, Rakhi Sawant is an actual celebrity. It has a considerable following, even though her name may not be much known to many people in the west.

Therefore, when she was invited to the 21st Annual Life OK Screen Awards, she decided to attract their focus by attending the event dressed in questionably sexy nurse attire. The fact that the celebrity showed up to the event wearing an attire that was so overtly sexual earned her the fury of the international media, which, in a kind speaking, makes the incident a wardrobe malfunction. Thank goodness nothing got torn!

Hidden in Plain Sight

When a famous person performs for us, you can rest assured that they have spent a significant amount of time and energy ensuring that every aspect of their show or appearance is presented in the most professional manner possible.

When Miley Cyrus performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, she wore a t-shirt that was unusually lengthy for her body type. This choice gave the impression that she prioritized comfort above all other considerations. The only problem was that everyone in the audience could always see her knickers and stockings. Is it wrong to be bold? You decide!

The Lady in Red Is Starting to Turn Red

Sarah Hyland is a successful young artist who has recently earned a reputation in the comedy series Modern Family. The show is called Modern Family.

Hyland is the type of person who takes a bit of care in her looks and how her body looks, so she boldly decided to wear a dress with an open trim that showed off her tummy seductively and fashionably. But she was completely oblivious that her Spanx had clipped themselves a little above her neckline, making them look ridiculous! She immediately rectified this, but her response to it was priceless!

Take Care Not to Stumble

It is no surprise that Amal Clooney has become one of Hollywood’s most-loved star; she also gained George Clooney, who married her and had a kid with her.

You can probably guess that they are the type of couple who takes a lot of pleasure in their looks, as seen by the fact that they are frequently spotted out and about wearing some stunning ensembles together. In one particular instance, her long outfit got trapped beneath her feet as she walked on the red carpet. If George had not been there to balance her with his hands, she might have nearly fallen.

Not Pretty Model Behavior

Because Bella Hadid is widely recognized as among the most prominent fashion models at this time, it goes without saying that she approaches every red carpet presence with the utmost level of seriousness.

Because making a mistake when you are famous is already a terrible thing, making a mistake in front of many paparazzi is an even more humiliating experience. Therefore, when Bella Hadid chose to show off her assets by donning a sexy red silk dress, she unintentionally disclosed too much! However, we believe that is what it is to be provocative!

Families Having Each Other’s Skirts

Walking on a red carpet is a significant accomplishment in and of itself, but doing it with a family is even more of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Tamar and Toni Braxton were on the red carpet together for the Emmy awards when the “Unbreak My Heart” singer managed to get her hand hooked on her sister’s dress unintentionally!

It is easy to assume that this resulted in a very uncomfortable circumstance and a certain amount of shame. Still, it is not exactly why people have siblings? However, we do not doubt that they will be able to laugh at this in the future!

Harry Can not get you out of this one, sorry.

Winters in England are notoriously dreary and chilly, and the country is renowned for its abundance of rain. Nevertheless, when Emma Watson opted to dress up for award season, she seemed to overlook this. She ended up getting to endure the cold and wet weather with only an evening dress!

Without an umbrella available, Watson might have just been left damp and shivering during the whole of the award show. Thank goodness there is usually one nearby at red carpet events! Do not forget to pack a jacket just in case when you come again!

If There Was Never Another Kerr In This World

Miranda Kerr, a model for Victoria’s Secret, could not contain her excitement after learning that she had won the 2012 InStyle Women of Style Award for being one of the Women of the Year. She is among the most famous models, so it was only natural that she wanted to look her best for the event.

She is among the most famous models, so it was only natural that she wanted to look her best for the event.

This entailed an expensive Carla Zampatti garment inspired by the classic “air vent gown” worn by Marilyn Monroe. On the other hand, as soon as Kerr stepped onto the red carpet, her costume started to break apart! Thankfully, her secretary was there to help her during the crisis, which prevented a major fashion faux pas.

It exploded, My Sweetie

During an occasion or ceremony, among the worst things that might happen to a celebrity would be for their dress to explode. During a conversation that Mariah Carey was having with Lara Spencer, the anchor of Good Morning America, she abruptly paused in the middle of the line. She exclaimed, “Oh crap, my dress back has just ripped!”

Afterward when, the singer took a few seconds to gently turn about, at which point she revealed that the backside of her dress seemed to have a split. She spoke her mind in a calm and collected manner. “It exploded, my sweetheart. What sort of name should we give this? What is happening with Central Park?”

Treasuring  Her Chest

Hofit Golan is a  famous socialite who’s also a veteran whenever it starts making public appearances. She has been to a series of events with red carpets and has essentially become an expert in this field. Suppose a famous person is sick or injured. In that case, there is a significantly reduced chance that they will appear at one of their publicized appearances.

Golan, being just the pretty tough gorgeous she is, decided to attend the 2017 Venice Film Festival while using crutches even though she had a fractured leg. She also had the strength to do a stance, which consisted of holding her crutches high while beaming broadly.

What A Legend

Chrissy Teigen’s admirers are familiar with her smile since it is one of the elements of her appearance that they have seen the most. During the 2016 Oscars, she had the opportunity to showcase her grin to its full potential, and she took full use of this occasion.

She had selected a Marchesa gown embellished with bejeweled ruby blossoms and a long, exquisite train that flowed after her – at least it did till it got caught! However, after that occurred, her husband, John Legend, rushed to her help almost immediately and saved her from making a fashion faux pas.

The Disaster That Is Melissa Joan Hart’s Face

Since the 1990s, actress Melissa Joan Hart has been working in the industry; she is not nervous about performing in front of an audience. Nevertheless, the Teen Witch, Sabrina, had most assuredly never been seen in such a state before! When Hart arrived for the premiere of “Frozen,” she had not yet completed her cosmetics application.

To prevent the foundation from being seen in flash photographs, face powder should be mixed with the foundation before application. However, it would appear that Hart’s artist had not done this correctly, as the actress appeared to stand on the red carpet with an odd look. When Hart was eventually out of the spotlight, someone informed her of the dilemma that she was in. We can only imagine how embarrassed she felt.

The Husband Defender That Is Adam Levine

Adam Levine is undoubtedly the most well-liked performer in the music industry today. And if all of that were not enough, he is married to the most stunning lady on this planet. His wife, Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, is not only stunningly beautiful but would also appear completely normal. While she was posing for a shot at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2015, Prinsloo experienced a little wardrobe malfunction when her dress fell completely over her chest.

Fortunately, her courageous husband, Levine, rushed to her aid and instantly put his palm in front of his wife’s chest to stop her from puking. The singer was able to salvage the day, as well as the honor of his wife when he successfully blocked the embarrassing view at the last possible moment. In addition, it looks like the two of them had a good chuckle over what happened after that.

Tre Cool Is Certainly Not Even Close to Being Cool

Several years ago, Green Day’s drummer decided to go by the moniker Tre Cool, and the band has used it ever since. Frank Wright did not bring any kind of coolness to the 2019 Europe Music Awards. Tre Cool tripped and collapsed to the floor as he stepped out of the automobile and onto the red carpet.

Wright tried to remain as calm as possible and appeared to shrug off the incident by refusing assistance and swiftly rising back up off the ground. But sadly, the event will remain forever since it was captured on video by almost a thousand various individuals.

The victory has Rami Malek too ecstatic about his performance.

In 2019, Rami Malek was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actor for portraying the legendary musician Freddie Mercury in the film “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Up until the point where he was leaving the stage after his speech, everything was going swimmingly well. It is possible that Malek was simply too thrilled to count the steps accurately. As a result, he missed the majority of them.

The actor took a pretty heavy fall, and the folks surrounding him instantly hurried to assist him in getting back up on his feet. After a few seconds, a medical staff member approached him to inquire whether he was OK, and the actor grinned and confirmed that he was OK in response to the question. However, as he arrived home, we were convinced he had some severe bruises on his body.

It Was Difficult Because of Jason Segal.

This is a very humorous story, and it is impossible to imagine it happening to anybody else than the excellent Jason Segal. His acting abilities and facial gestures are pretty unique, and they were certainly put to good use during the event that took place on the red carpet. During the Oscars, Segal is strolling on the red carpet when a cleaning staff member unexpectedly stops him. His reaction to the situation is funny.

It is evident that Segal has no idea what the devil is going on, and to tell you the truth, neither do any of us. Would it not make sense to tidy up after the actors have entered the theater?

Princess Mary Is Losing Her Balance

Princess Mary, the Crown Denmark’s Princess, was attending the Bambi Media Awards in Germany (2014) when she experienced a momentary lapse in her balance and fell. When the Princess walked up on stage to accept her award for her notable work with charitable organizations, she became unbalanced. She almost dropped to the floor, coming dangerously close to losing her Bambi.

Thankfully, the elegant Princess could avoid falling, but the cameras had already captured her brief moment of near-catastrophe. We are fortunate that this prince was spared a significant amount of shame.

There is an Activity Going on With Christoph Waltz’s Walk Right Now

Since making his first start in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds,’ the German-Austrian actor Christoph Waltz has undeniably established himself as a significant player in the film industry of the United States of America. Waltz is noted for his highly distinctive and tremendously brilliant playing style; he is capable of being hilarious, serious, tragic, and frequently quite secretive in his roles. This, of course, applies to his personality in everyday life, as he demonstrated at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Waltz appeared to be hobbling awkwardly as he made his way into the event and all during the duration of the stroll on the red carpet. The question of whether or not it was a joke or he was attempting to pull one over on all of us remains unanswered. The actor even looked directly into the cameras at one stage, nearly as if he was daring the audience to determine whether or not he was acting. And we are no closer to figuring it out now!

Leslie Mann Wants Cameron Diaz a Little Too Much

Not only is Leslie Mann an excellent performer on the stage, but she is also hilarious and stunning. It would appear that she has had a great time. At the movie launch “The Other Woman” in 2014, in which she and Cameron Diaz featured, Leslie Mann got just that little rowdy and went to grab Cameron Diaz’s butt; however it was quite the grip!

It is possible that Mann was intoxicated or just in a very cheery mood, but whatever, she decided to go for it. Diaz does not appear to be bothered by it at all, and she is reported to have claimed that she and Leslie are close friends and that she is lovely to work with. We are not that surprised. And, hey, what is the big deal if a few ladies get together to have a good time?

Shake off the wrist, performed by Reese Witherspoon

Even though it was not precisely a humiliating situation, it was undoubtedly an unpleasant one. On an occasion where they were both presents, Reese Witherspoon & Felicity Jones performed a strange-looking wrist shake together. Perhaps it was not done on purpose; alternatively, the two actresses may have been going for a handshake but failed to make proper contact.

The result was a peculiar photograph of the two of them grasping each other by the wrist. Nevertheless, they both have smiles, so it does not appear as though anything negative has occurred.

Hayden Panettiere Gets Hit by Her Outfit

At the 2014 Met Gala, the actress Hayden Panettiere from “Nashville” made quite the embarrassing gaffe. The Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is widely recognized as THE fashion event of the year. It features a procession of dresses and costumes that are among the most exquisite in the world. Panettiere looked lovely in a ball gown by Tom Ford that featured a full skirt.

Even though the skirt looked stunning, it led her to fall down the steps of the museum while strolling down them. The actress handled the situation gracefully, even joking well with people operating the cameras after the incident. People went to her aid and assisted her up.